Youth Ministry

[quickview photo=”2750″ title=”Youth” columns=”6″ height=”522px”]Friday night at 6:30

The vision for our youth ministry is to provide a space for teenagers to realize Jesus Christ as their ultimate treasure. Starting first and foremost with explaining salvation and then cultivating a spiritual walk with the Lord that will last throughout their adult life. A lot of youth ministries focus on preaching to a teen specific worldview. This is not a bad thing, but we think it can set teenagers up for failure later in their spiritual life. A teenager will not always remain a teenager and when the storms of adulthood hit they need to be prepared with a faith that can last. We are hoping that here at FBC we are helping them build their house on the rock. We take a “Bible centric” approach to our ministry knowing that it does not return void. We are teaching our teens to read, study, meditate, and fall in love with scripture. We strive to provide a safe place for our teenagers to ask the tough questions of life and to feel comforable being themselves.[/quickview]

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